1. Coverage and Terminology

For the business relationship between Gleibis Gil, www.schmuckzeug.com (subsequently referred to: "Schmuckzeug") and the customer (subsequently referred to:  "customer"), the following terms and conditions in the version valid at the time of the order apply exclusively. You can look up or save these terms and conditions at anytime by selecting “Terms and Conditions“ in the menu on www.schmuckzeug.com.

2. Contract

A valid contract is agreed via http://www.schmuckzeug.com in the following manner:

The customer can chose items on http://www.schmuckzeug.com by selecting ”Our products“ in the menu, and request buying these products by using the button „Shopping Cart“. Before making the order effective by clicking „Finish Order“ in step 3 of the order process, the customers can check, change and delete their data at anytime. Before finishing the order, the customer will be explicitly informed of the terms and conditions. All orders are confirmed to the customer with a confirmation e-mail.

The act of sale is concluded once Schmuckzeug posts your order, confirming the mail order with second email.

3. Modalities of Payment




All Prices listed on www.schmuckzeug.com include 19% VAT(Mehrwertsteuer) if applicable. The price also includes all further contents of price, except the shipping costs.

The customer will be informed of the shipping costs and any tax or costs which are not being charged by Schmuckzeug during the order process.

The order is carried out via prepayment, either directly to Schmuckzeug’s bank account or via PayPal.

4. Reservation of Proprietary Rights

Until the complete payment is completed, the ordered items remain property of Schmuckzeug.

5. Delivery and Availability

In the case that Schmuckzeug accepts the customer’s order; the delivery of the ordered items will be initiated immediately after the receipt of payment. Schmuckzeug does not reserve ordered articles until the receipt of payment. In case that any items be sold out in the meantime, and hast o be ordered or manufactured, Schmuckzeug has to inform the customer immediately.

If Schmuckzeug- independently of negligence- is unable to deliver an order, because a distributor of Schmuckzeug does not comply with his contractual obligations, Schmuckzeug has the right to resign from their contract with the customer.  However, this right only applies in case Schmuckzeug have concluded a congruent hedging transaction (binding, timely and sufficient order of the products) and is in no other way responsible for the failure to deliver the order. In such a case, the customer will be informed about the unavailability of the ordered products by Schmuckzeug immediately. Possible payments on behalf of the customer will be reimbursed immediately.

In case Schmuckzeug is unable to comply with their delivery obligations due to the occurrence of unforeseeable events concerning Schmuckzeug or their distributors, e.g. war, natural disasters or acts of god, the time of delivery is adequately longer. Also in this case, Schmuckzeug will inform the customer immediately. The customer’s legal claims remain unaffected by this.

6. Cancellation Policies

Right of Cancellation

 The customer can cancel the contract during the first two weeks after its closure, without giving reasons, in written form (letter, email) or by sending back the articles. The articles or the notice of cancellation is to be sent to the following address:


Gleibis Gil

Flensburger Str 27

10557 Berlin



Consequences of cancellation

In case of cancellation, all given services are to be reimbursed. If the customer is unable to return the received articles in a declined state, the customer is held liable for this decline. The customer bears the costs for the shipping. Reimbursement of payment hast o be effectuated in 30 working days after Schmuckzeug receives the cancellation.

7. Guarantee

The guarantee conforms to the German legal regulations.

8. Screen Presentation

The images used for the description of the articles are merely exemplary. They do not always represent a realistic depiction of the article, but only serve as a description. Depending on your computer screen, colours and size can vary considerably. The textual description of the articles is to be considered.

9. Liability

Schmuckzeug’s liability for any deficiencies of the products caused deliberately or due to gross negligence is unlimited in the frame of the legal regulations. This is also valid for deficiencies arising due to deliberate or grossly negligent actions on behalf of vicarious agents.

In as far as Schmuckzeug is not liable due to a previously accepted guarantee, the liability is limited as follows: If damages or deficiencies are not due to deliberate or grossly negligent actions, Schmuckzeug is only liable for damages in case they violate obligations essential to the contract, i.e. contractual obligations necessary for concluding the contract orderly and which can therefore reasonably expected by the contracting party.

10. Privacy Policy and Data Protection

The customer’s private data is only saved in the process of concluding the contract. The legal regulations, particularly of the TMG and BDSG are respected. The customers’ data is exclusively used for the execution of the contract. The data will not be passed on to third parties.

11. Final Provisions

This Agreement is governed by German Law. All disputes are to be settled before the courts of Berlin.

 Should this Agreement contain a gap or should a provision thereof be or become wholly or partially unenforceable, the rest of the Agreement shall remain enforceable.